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2014 Mid-Pacific Student Conference

Concrete Canoe 2014

Competition Date:
            Presentations- Friday, April 4, 2014
            Races- Saturday, April 5, 2014
Competition Location:
            Presentations- Save Mart Center
            Races- Millerton Lake
Captain's Meeting: Thursday, April 3, 2014 on Fresno State Campus
** See details page below for further information. **

Competition Description:
The concrete canoe competition challenges young engineers' design skills by utilizing the principles of reinforced concrete design to create a structure not typically made from concrete.  It emphasizes the flexible nature of the medium as well as highlights the creative abilities and teamwork that each engineer is capable of.  Canoe teams must not only design the canoe, but must ensure that the canoe is durable enough to withstand a rigorous day of races.  They must work as a team not only in the design phase, but also on the day of competition because the team must man the canoe they created out on the water.

In the canoe event, engineering teams are scored equally on design report, final product, technical presentation, and racing.  The team members from all of the schools have been working for many months, using design specifications laid out in a 76 pages rule set that is governed by the ASCE.  A complete set of design specifications and drawings, including concrete mixtures, dimensions, structural elements and floatation materials, are used by each of the 12 teams in the Mid‐Pacific region in building their canoes.  Contestants must place first or second at the regional level to move on to the national competition.  The same canoe must be used in both the national and regional competition.

The 2014 National Concrete Canoe Competition Rules and Regulations are below and can be accessed at: 


Submission Deadline: March 7, 2014

Six (6) electronic copies of the Design paper and Engineer's Notebook must be post marked by March 7, 2014! The only hard copy allowed is the one on the display board. 

Section 6.3.1 in the 2014 ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition Rules and Regulations states: "The electronic submission shall be considered the official and final version of both Design Paper and Engineer's Notebook".

Submit To:
California State University, Fresno
Attn: ASCE MidPac Planning Committee M/S EE94
5241 N. Maple Ave.
Fresno, CA 93740

Postmarked No Later Than: March 7, 2014

Technical Presentation: Each team’s PowerPoint for the technical presentation is due March 28, 2014. This will allow us to test run each PowerPoint on the computers that will be used, and it should allow for a quicker transition between each presentation. Please email the PowerPoint to . 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Cynthia Campbell

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