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2014 Mid-Pacific Student Conference

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The Geo-Challenge will involve the design, presentation, construction, and (eventual) demolition of a Mechanically Stabilized Earthwall (MSE) according to the Geo-Institute competition rules, with some slight modifications (the demolition part).  This is the second offering of this competition at Mid-Pac and the first time at UC Berkeley, so we hope to make this a memorable experience for all.  As such, the competition will include additional loading sequences beyond those stated in the National rules to engage the full creativity of the teams.  

Fortunately for this competition, the National Geo-Institute Competition will be held at the Geo-Congress in Oakland on Monday, March 26, 2012.  This is basically the same competition as the one that will be held for Mid-Pac, but the National Rules will be used.  The National competition requires a design report in place of a poster, but the competition itself is similar.  I encourage all interested and motivated teams to start early and submit a design.  For more information, go to the Geo-Congress 2012 website athttp://content.asce.org/conferences/geo-congress2012/index.html.

For the rules that have been posted, note that the customized loading sequences and rules have been italicized to differentiate them from the National rules.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact .

GeoWall Regional Competition Rules 2012
GeoWall Regional Competition Appendices 2012
GeoWall Regional Competition Figures 2012

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