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2014 Mid-Pacific Student Conference

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Tug-O-War Rules
  1. Team to consist of six (6) members, three (3) males and three (3) females.
  2. The rope must be held; tying around any body part is not permitted.
  3. No knot is permitted on the rope at any area.
  4. Teams may not rotate members from their school in for each new round.
  5. Prior to commencement of rowing, the judge will ask the teams if they are ready, when the teams are ready and centered, the judge will give the command to “GO!”.
  6. The flag on the middle of the rope will be center. From the center line two marks will be made on the ground, each 10 feet from the center towards each team.
  7. At the judge’s command, the first team to cause the center flag to cross the ground mark nearest them will be declared the winners.
  8. If a team drops the rope, the other team will win by default.
The following details the confirmation status for each Conference Member via registration.  If there are any questions, contact us at [email protected].
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University Participants
California State University, Chico 
California State University, Fresno 
California State University, Sacramento  16 
San Francisco State University 
San Jose State University 
Santa Clara University 
University of California, Berkeley 
University of California, Davis  12 
University of Nevada, Reno 
University of the Pacific 
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