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2014 Mid-Pacific Student Conference

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This competition requires teams of students to become the lead designer of a new spaceport facility. The teams must design a spaceport while considering land use, operational, sustainability, and financial factors. This is an opportunity for students to work collaboratively, solve problems, and design an advanced aviation facility by applying fundamental transportation concepts learned in the classroom to a unique situation. The deliverables for this competition include an eight page paper, due in early March, and a five minute presentation. 

The competition guidelines have been posted to the website as a PDF. With the delivery of Mailer III, we have extended the paper length range that we will accept for this competition. This change is made below in the "Deliverables" section. 
We also have ruled that a cover page and page of contents will not count toward the page requirements, as the heart of the page length guideline was meant for the main, technical details.

Please look below for the PDF titled, "
MidPac 2012 Transportation Competition".
Direct all questions regarding this competition to 


  • Maximum Ten (10) Page Technical Paper, detailing the team’s spaceport design (due 03/02/2012)
  • Five (5) Minute Presentation, providing an overview of the team’s spaceport design (due 03/24/2012)
For more details please see the competition guidelines.

Special Thanks
The MidPac Transportation Competition especially thanks Professor Jasenka Rakas for her help in the competition design, student involvement, and general planning of this event. She has provided the inspiration for this competition, and is always supporting student interest in the aviation field.
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University Participation
California State University, Chico  Confirmed 
University of the Pacific  Confirmed 
University of California, Davis  Confirmed 
Tongji University  Confirmed 
San Jose State University  Confirmed 
California State University, Sacramento  Confirmed 
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Justin Beutel,
Dec 31, 2011, 11:31 PM

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